Drymat® Portugal

Rising Damp Solution

Drymat® - the maintenace free solution for rising damp problems in Portugal

Rising damp is a common problem in Portugal. Damp proofing may have lost its effects or never have existed - a Drymat® unit will fix your damp problems.

The unit starts drying your walls right after its installation. The drying process will take around 12-18 months, afterwards the system keeps the walls dry.


The purpose of Drymat® System and how it works.

The Drymat Unit was developed by 1 german engineer and 3 german professors to create a solution for rising damp problems which exist in many houses.

It is a small box generating low frequency magnetic pulses and it is connected to the 220 volt circuit. The magnetic pulses disorder the structure of the watermolecule, the angle between the hydrogen and the oxygen atoms changes, which changes the dipolarity of the watermolecule and now the water is drawn by the negative loaded earth. After 12 to 18 months the walls and foundation are dry and while the system keeps on working it prevents damp from starting to rise again.

The Drymat Unit will be installed in the middle of the villa or house and has a range from 8 till 12 meters.
So far, there has been around 6000 Drymat units installed in Germany (even in hospitals, the bacteries and fungus disappear with the humidity as well, this results in a much more healthy environment).

The world famous museum The Hermitage (St Petersburg , Russia) has installed one unit in 2005, after seeing the result they installed 10 units in 2006 and another 181 units in 2008. The result is a completely dry museum and no expensive maintenance is required anymore on hundreds of famous paintings because they stay dry as well with the drymat units constantly working.


  • No construction works, no deep drilling, no sawing through, no digging etc.
  • Maintenance–free continuous operation
  • High drying effects
  • Save from 25 % till 65 % on your future heating bills
    (you are heating dry air now instead of humid air and humid walls)
  • Dehumidifiers are not needed anymore
  • No more yearly repairs on plaster and painting
  • Much more healthy environment
  • Ecologically friendly (no chemicals or others are needed)
  • Construction remains undamaged


In an endurance test were simulated around 300.000 operating hours (= 30+ years) and the long lasting durability of the Drymat system was proven. Therefore we give a 20 year guarantee on the equipment.

If humidity levels would be over 3 % on the groundfloor or over 6.5 % in the cellar after 3 years of installation, we activate the money back guarantee which is signed in the purchase contract, the unit will be removed and the money will be returned.

Need More info?

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