Drymat® Portugal

Rising Damp Solution

The Drymat® Effect - How it works

Dampproofing may have lost its effect or may never have existed. There are many considerable expensive procedures in order to dry a house afterwards. They are difficult to use and often risky. In most cases after a few years the problem appears again - while the cause was not removed.

Cappillarity as well as other natural processes cause water in masonry to rise up to considerable height. With the water, salt und pollutans permeating the walls. Now the Drymat® System comes into operation.

In masonry existing humidity rises


It is a completely electronically controlled procedure. The system generates fine impulses, which change the dipolarity of water. This is due to the fact that the water is now drawn by the negatively loaded earth. The masonry dries up because the humidity is now prevented from rising.

This method is applicable with every kind of masonry. Because parts of the building are not damaged, this procedure asserts itself more and more. No dirt originates from construction work, and the status of the building is preserved in the original state. Also cellars and old vaults are simply drained with this method.

The installed system works by removing water bit by bit from the effected area.


The procedure is economic and effective. The full usability of all rooms is preserved all the time. With just 6 watts of consumption the maintenance is very low. The system works with less than 1,00€ per month.


The system works in maintenance-free continuous operation for several decades.

Now the masonry has less dampness and is held permanently dry by the system.