Drymat® Portugal

Rising Damp Solution


The Drymat® 2030GS unit (which has its patent in the Markenamt in Munic Germany with the nr. 202005014025.2) will be installed by a Drymat® technician and connected to the 220 volt system. The Drymat unit is effective in a horizontal radius up to 12meter, vertical till 50cm above the installed unit and downwards 8 till 12 meters.

Between 2 and 5 measuring points will be established, by drilling two 6mm holes and then the first readings will be registered and handed over to the owner. Control measurements will be taken 18 and 36 months after installation (for houses in the algarve). Other regions will be visited only once for a control measurements, date is to be chosen by the owners. Readings will be taken in the same holes as the previous measurements to estimate the progress of the drying process. (After each measurement, the holes will be closed with a special kit).



In case of any kind of prejudice or damage or any defect on the DRYMAT System by way off the material or its installation, the costs will be supported by the supplier ( exception: only when the damage is very elementary or due to voluntary occurrence). Any kind of bad function of the DRYMAT System while this one is still in the guarantee period, the repairing costs or even its replacement are entirely free. The DRYMAT System installation becomes part of the house and should be working constantly. The guarantee is void when or if the DRYMAT System is damaged due to the replacing or changing location of the System without the presence of a responsible Technician and in that case, if there are any kind of failures or damages, the costs will not be free as the guarantee will not cover them.


Warranty limit value

Over a 3 year period from the date of installation it is guaranteed that the humidity level in the walls on the ground floor will be less than 3 % and humidity levels in the basement / cellar will be less then 6.5 %.

Warranty value return

If by any case, and during the 3 years of the System's installation, there is no positive result on the 3% upon surfaces and by 6,5% in the underground rooms, then the value paid will be refunded (Unless the humidity comes from a leaking water pipe or sewage pipe underneath the floor or in the wall.)