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Rising Damp Solution


The State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg

The picture shows the continuous drying process of the basement.

The first test installation was made in October 2005, the test run was finished in March 2006. The unit was installed at a very damp place in the cellar vault. Test records have shown that the degree of humidity of the walls has been reduced up to a third depending of the reading points.

10 units were installed in 2006 and another 181 units in 2008. With the Drymat Systems is a permanent drying up to the core of the masonry possible.


Local references

Besides over 6ooo Drymat Units installed in Germany and other European countries, in Portugal now we have more than 250 Drymat Units installed resulting in complete satisfaction with the owners while the rising damp now is eliminated and never will return.

We completely renovated our basement into an apartment , removed all plaster and replastered again the whole basement . But we were not able to solve the problem with the walls because they were still wet. So two months after the renovation the new plaster was already turning black again due to the humidity in the walls. Then we had the Drymat system installed and in the first months we noticed already that it became less and less mouldy, after 1,5 years the controle measurement , done by Drymat Systems Portugal confirmed what we already knew , all walls showed a decrease in humidity level between 70 and 85 %, it´s very comfortable now to live in the apartment with all that humidity gone , so we will recommend anybody with a rising damp problem to contact Drymat Systems Portugal for a humidity survey which is even for free.

Fam. Fragoso, Lisbon

In my apartment which is around 30 years old, I discovered months after the purchase an increasing problem with rising damp in several walls in my apartment. So I contacted Martin Verloop for a survey and he confirmed my fear of an existing rising damp problem. Well I have no regret having the system installed, it was the investment my apartment needed, no rising damp anymore, no humidity, no bad smells and no repairs anymore on plaster and paint while the walls keep on being dry, I couldn´t be more satisfied.

Ometa Hook, Alvor

I have no objection mentioning my name on your website as a very satisfied user of your drymat system. Since the installation of the drymat unit there is a significant reduction in the dampness in the house. Usually at this time of the year the paintwork has started to bubble and show stains of rising damp , now there are no signs of damp anymore , it looks the process is really working , excellent.
I will recommend the drymat unit to all my friends and business relations.

Anne Green, Santa Luzia ( Tavira )

The house I bought in the village of Almadena was old and showed severe rising damp problems , paint was falling of the walls on various places. After reading about the drymat system I applied for a free humidity survey . The measurements showed high levels of dampness in the walls , so I decided to have the system installed. It turned out to be an investment worth having . The walls are dry to the touch and the musty smell has gone.
I will be happy to recommend the system to anyone with rising damp problems.

Janet Nijholt, Almadena ( Lagos )

We bought a house in Lagos 4 years ago which turned out to have great humidity problems. All the metal in the house turned out to be rusty, we could feel the smell of humidity from time to time and there were humid flies downstairs. A good architect then recommended that we contact Mr. Verloop that sells and installs Drymat system that can solve humidity problems. Mr. Verloop visited us and made measurements in the house that showed very high humidity values in our walls. We then decided to install a Drymat unit and have been able to follow how the moisture decreases year after year. Now the humidity problems are completely gone. We will therefore will be glad to recommend Mr Verloop and his Drymat solution for everyone that have the same problems as we had.

Charlie Eldh, Lagos

In the basement of my new villa appeared a serious rising damp problem after a couple of years, I had 2 drymat units installed and I am very happy with the drymat system, noticeable drop in humidity and professional after sales control.

Robert Tongue, Vila Sol , Quarteira

In 2015 I bought an apartment on the groundfloor in Praia da Luz . Like in many houses in the algarve there was showing rising damp in all the walls , visible by paint and plaster coming of the lower part of the walls.The owner of the apartment confirmed that he had yearly repairs on the paint and plaster.After I visited holland for a month and returned to my apartment in Praia da Luz all bedlinnen was humid and in the cupboards was a very mouldy smell. At the Blip exhibition in Portimao I came in contact with Drymat Systems Portugal and asked Martin Verloop to do a free humidity survey in my apartment , the measurements showed very high humidity levels in the lower parts of the walls . So I decided to invest in the Drymat System and had it installed. Already in a couple of months it smelled and felt much less mouldy , no humid bedlinnen anymore and no smells on my clothes in the cupboards either. 12 months after installation a free controle measurement done by Martin Verloop showed already a decrease in humidity by over 50 % on 5 different locations in the apartment and the comfort of living did improve a lot. Now when I am heating my apartment in winter it needs much less time to heat up while the apartment is dry now , a side effect is the much dryer envirement , when I wake up my body feels much better without all that humidity , the Drymat Unit is realy doing what it promisses to do and is defenitly worth the investment , it did solve all the humidity issues in my apartment.

Bram van Zanten, Praia da Luz , Lagos

I will be straight to the point , a sublime and efficient system which totally solved the humidity problems in my villa.

Alfred Koolen , Silves

We are running already for some time a local accommodation establishment (Bed & Breakfast) in Carvoeiro and the building urgently needed an upgrade, so we decided to do a thorough renovation of the property. However, after our B & B was completely renovated and running again we discovered humidity was coming back on the new plaster on the walls. So we contacted a building engineer to do a survey to give an advice how to solve the problem. The engineer concluded that, despite the fact that the plaster had been replaced on several walls, the walls themselves were still affected with rising damp issues and the humidity could penetrate through the new plaster, again causing humidity issues on the outside of the wall. The engineer advised to contact Drymat Systems Portugal to take care of the problem. So Martin from Drymat Systems Portugal did as well a survey and confirmed that the walls had rising damp problems . We learnt that the installation of the system comes with a 20 years guarantee and even a money back guarantee would the rising damp not disappear, so we did not hesitate to decide to have the system installed. Well, we have not been proven wrong , as the control measurements show, rising damp has been decreasing substantually and the issues with humidity in plaster and paint did disappear. We will be happy to recommend Martin to anyone who has rising damp issues in his house, for a humidity survey which is even free of charge.

Patricia Loginha, Carvoeiro

Our vila was only 12 years old and after 11 years it was completely renovated again .Still on several places we had problems with rising damp . 1,5 year after the Drymat Unit was installed the controle measurements ( free of charge ) showed that the average humidity we first had ( 175 liters of water in a m3 wall ) decreased to 37 liters of water in a m3 wall . Not necessary to say we are very happy with the Drymat System.

Mr. and Mrs. Verdonkschot, Tavira

Despite the fact we had a new vila ,we had already rising damp in our bedroom . After the installation of the drymat unit we noticed that the humidity was decreasing rapidly. This was confirmed as well 1,5 year later when Martin Verloop came down to do a controle measurement . So we are very happy we had the system installed.

Mr. and Mrs. Jonkers, Oliveira de Hospital , Serra da Estrela

We own the camping Rodondo near Tomar . One of the old camping facility buildings had a huge humidity problem . Since I realised , 2 years after the installation of the drymat unit , what the unit was capable of ( the walls completely dried out ) , I straight away had another unit installed in my vila . I can recommend anybody with rising damp problems to have the drymat unit installed.

Mr. and Mrs. Verspijck, Tomar

Capela de Sao Goncalo, Aveiro

With our engineers team we had the task to completely renovate the Capela de Sao Goncalo , one of the main issues of the renovation was the lower part of the walls of the capela , from the floor till 2,5 meters high the walls were saturated with water , how could we repair that without doing any damage to the walls ? We start searching on the internet and learned about the renovation of the heremitage museum in St. Peterburg ( Russia ) , they had the same issues with many walls in the museum and obvious the drymat system had completely eliminated the water levels in the walls.

So we contacted drymat systems portugal and had the drymat unit installed , during the drying period we had our own computer to measure the humidity levels in the walls and we were very surprised that those saturated walls were drying so quickly , we solved the problem without doing any interference on the construction which seems to be a very sufficient and innovated solution.

Eng. Carlos Monteiro

We installed the DRYMAT SYSTEM in April 2018 having experienced serious damp issues in Master Bedroom. A de-humidifier was removing 1 Litre of water /hour from bedroom with all doors and windows closed. Since installing drymat system the de-humidifier has remained in its box in the garage unused.
The house now feels comfortable no more flaky paint with salt and mineral deposits on lower parts of wallS throughout the house. VERY SATISFIED

Norman Coventry, Loulé area

I just want to let you know how reassuring it is to have your Drymat system installed in our house. Our walls are dry this year, despite all the rain we have had.
Now I no longer have an excuse not to paint them!

Geoffrey Fletcher, Cascais

The installation of our Drymat system was efficiently made by Martin Verloop in Spring 2011.

Our house was only 6 years old when the unit was installed but with a recurring damp problem - particularly on one wall. After nine months the first control measurement was made and the humidity had decreased on one spot from 207 litres of water / m3 wall to 75 litres of water/m3 wall and another spot from 325 litres of water / m3 wall to 75 litres of water /m3 wall.

The wall feels and looks drier to touch and is showing continual improvement. It appears to be an effective solution to a very damp wall. To date we are extremely pleased with the overall performance of the Drymat system.

Tim Butt, Vila Nova de Cacela, Tavira

This is to confirm that the Drymat Unit you installed around 3 years ago realy has been drying our house.

We have an old house with 60 cm thick walls and year by year it was smelling moldy and we had to repaint and on some places replaster our house yearly because the paint and plaster kept on falling from the walls.

But after the installation of the drymat unit, only 6 months later the house was not smelling moldy anymore and the dehumidifiers were giving less and less water. After 3 yearly control measurements the humidity levels in our house decreased from 450 liters of water per qubiq meter wall till under 82 liters of water per qubiq meter wall.

No need to say we are very satisfied with the system, it has solved our severe rising damp problem and we can recommend anybody to have a free humidity survey done by Drymat Systems.

Nico and Sjoukje Ruis, Alcantarilha

Our house had a severe rising damp problem until we red about Drymat Systems, after a humidity survey done by Martin Verloop we decided to install the system to finally get rid of all the humidity in our house.

The system was installed just before the very rainy winter of 2010 / 2011 and despite all the rain the house was smelling less mouldy and it felt less humid. In may, 9 months after installation a control measurement was done and humidity levels in our walls were down already 32% on 3 different locations. The walls in our house continue to get dryer showed by the control measurements wich are done on a yearly base, so we are very happy we installed the system and can recommend it to anyone.

Anthony and Patricia Clifford, Gorjoes, Loule

We will refer anybody with a rising damp problem to you, as showed on the first control measurement you did on 10.02.2012 (1 year after installation) the rising damp decreased between 57% and 62%, the control measurement you did this year on 30.01.2013 the total decrease compared with the levels before installation was between 74% and 81%, it is obvious we are very satisfied with the system and every winter before the installation of the Drymat Unit we have had some problems with our health (always having a kind of fever and strange ways of breathing), we think because the humidity levels went down dramaticly , we do not have those problems anymore for already 2 years. We will keep referring people to you with rising damp problems.

Mr. Taugh and Mrs. Lindberg, Sao Bras de Aportel

After finishing the construction of my house I noticed that during the winter the basement always showed signs of humidity like the painting close to the bottom was falling down.

During the following years I tried to resolve the problem. I applied various painting products, which where recommended for this problem, but without a satisfying solution. Finally I installed a dehumidifier, which resolved the problem but has had the disadvantage that the electricity costs increased and someone has to be there to clear the water tank when it is full. That means, you have to switch it off when you leave the house for a few days.

Fortunately the problem was resolved by installing a Drymat system at the end of the year 2009. It does not only removes the humidity permanently, keeping the basement dry and without smelling moldy, it decreases also the yearly electricity costs. Final result: complete satisfaction.

Aurelio Vasconcelos de Almeida, Lagos