Drymat® Portugal


Het Heremitage Museum in St. Petersburg

De foto toont het continue drogingsproces in de kelder.

De eerste test was in oktober 2005 en eindigde in maart 2006. De unit was geinstalleerd op een heel vochtige plaats, na 5 maanden was de totale vochtigheid al met 33% afgenomen.

10 units werden geinstalleerd in 2006 en nog eens 181 in 2008, met de Drymat unit realiseert men een permanente droge omgeving.


Naast 6000 Drymat Units geinstalleerd in Duitsland en andere Europese landen zijn er in Portugal momenteel 134 Drymat Units geinstalleerd die tot volle tevredenheid van de huiseigenaren het vochtprobleem voor eens en altijd hebben opgelost.


Local referenties

Geoffrey Fletcher, Cascais

I just want to let you know how reassuring it is to have your Drymat system installed in our house. Our walls are dry this year, despite all the rain we have had.

Now I no longer have an excuse not to paint them!

Tim Butt, Vila Nova de Cacela (Tavira)

The installation of our Drymat system was efficiently made by Martin Verloop in Spring 2011.

Our house was only 6 years old when the unit was installed but with a recurring damp problem - particularly on one wall. After nine months the first control measurement was made and the humidity had decreased on one spot from 207 litres of water / m3 wall to 75 litres of water/m3 wall and another spot from 325 litres of water / m3 wall to 75 litres of water /m3 wall.

The wall feels and looks drier to touch and is showing continual improvement. It appears to be an effective solution to a very damp wall. To date we are extremely pleased with the overall performance of the Drymat system.

Nico and Sjoukje Ruis, Alcantarilha

This is to confirm that the Drymat Unit you installed around 3 years ago realy has been drying our house.

We have an old house with 60 cm thick walls and year by year it was smelling moldy and we had to repaint and on some places replaster our house yearly because the paint and plaster kept on falling from the walls.

But after the installation of the drymat unit, only 6 months later the house was not smelling moldy anymore and the dehumidifiers were giving less and less water. After 3 yearly control measurements the humidity levels in our house decreased from 450 liters of water per qubiq meter wall till under 140 liters of water per qubiq meter wall.

No need to say we are very satisfied with the system, it has solved our severe rising damp problem and we can recommend anybody to have a free humidity survey done by Drymat Systems.

Anthony and Patricia Clifford, Gorjoes, Loule

Our house had a severe rising damp problem until we red about Drymat Systems, after a humidity survey done by Martin Verloop we decided to install the system to finally get rid of all the humidity in our house.

The system was installed just before the very rainy winter of 2010 / 2011 and despite all the rain the house was smelling less mouldy and it felt less humid. In may, 9 months after installation a control measurement was done and humidity levels in our walls were down already 32% on 3 different locations. The walls in our house continue to get dryer showed by the control measurements wich are done on a yearly base, so we are very happy we installed the system and can recommend it to anyone.

Mr. Taugh and Mrs. Lindberg, Sao Bras de Aportel

We will refer anybody with a rising damp problem to you, as showed on the first control measurement you did on 10.02.2012 (1 year after installation) the rising damp decreased between 57% and 62%, the control measurement you did this year on 30.01.2013 the total decrease compared with the levels before installation was between 74% and 81%, it is obvious we are very satisfied with the system and every winter before the installation of the Drymat Unit we have had some problems with our health (always having a kind of fever and strange ways of breathing), we think because the humidity levels went down dramaticly , we do not have those problems anymore for already 2 years. We will keep referring people to you with rising damp problems.

Aurelio Vasconcelos de Almeida, Lagos

After finishing the construction of my house I noticed that during the winter the basement always showed signs of humidity like the painting close to the bottom was falling down.

During the following years I tried to resolve the problem. I applied various painting products, which where recommended for this problem, but without a satisfying solution. Finally I installed a dehumidifier, which resolved the problem but has had the disadvantage that the electricity costs increased and someone has to be there to clear the water tank when it is full. That means, you have to switch it off when you leave the house for a few days.

Fortunately the problem was resolved by installing a Drymat system at the end of the year 2009. It does not only removes the humidity permanently, keeping the basement dry and without smelling moldy, it decreases also the yearly electricity costs. Final result: complete satisfaction.